Penetration testing

Tenendo dedicates most of the project to manual security testing and never fully relies on the output of automatic tools, allowing us to discover vulnerabilities missed by previous contractors or internal vulnerability assessments.

Vulnerabilities Scanning

Vulnerabilities scanning identifies system weaknesses. It uses tools to detect and prioritize security risks, aiding proactive defence strategies. Read more

TIBER-EU Framework

TIBER-EU is an EU framework for testing financial sector cybersecurity resilience. It employs red teaming based on threat intelligence to… Read more

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is crucial in TIBER-EU, aiding financial institutions in realistic red teaming to boost cybersecurity and meet regulatory standards… Read more

Adversary simulation

Adversary simulation assessments allow to completely emulate the actions of a malicious individual and trigger proper security team response. Read more

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing fortifies your online presence by uncovering vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them. Benefit from enhanced security, regulatory… Read more

Your Cyber Resiliency is Our Passion

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