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is at the heart of technology transformation and organizational performance.

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Tenendo DevOps services:

Infrastructure As a Code

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a form of configuration management that codifies an organization’s infrastructure resources into text files. Infrastructure automation is required to accelerate DevOps processes.

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Configuration Management And Versioning

Configuration management is a business value-oriented job that uses an operational management process and implements tools to support its mission.

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Cloud Migration (AWS, GCP, AZURE)

To minimize the risks of cloud migration, it is important to take security measures at all stages of the migration. Tenendo offers cloud migration support services and provides advice on…

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Migrating To Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source container management system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

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Centralized Logs Aggregation

Consolidate all your logs in one place, access them through a web interface, and control their access according to your organizations' policies.

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Disaster recovery

Most of the volume and cost of disaster recovery will depend on your business processes. Experts from the Tenendo will help you create a disaster recovery plan and implement it;…

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Smart Organizations Invest in Productivity

Successful DevOps organizations routinely invest in the tools that provide developers with what’s needed for rapidly deployed, effective software. Such investments help to build a positive corporate culture and create a place of psychological safety. Psychological safety allows team members to take risks and be vulnerable, leading to team members taking more meaning from their work and having more impact.

Top-performing DevOps organizations know productivity should not be measured in terms of lines of code written or bugs squashed. Instead, they should look at productivity as the ability to complete complex tasks with minimal distractions or disruptions.

DevOps requires a fundamental transformation of processes and procedures, which must be bolstered by a change in the culture of the team that supports it and uses it daily. Preparing your team to implement DevOps, creating a culture of collaboration, communication and support is imperative to drive the process framework to maturity and is critical to DevOps success.

DevOps is a fundamental shift in the way that software solutions are developed and deployed, improving business outcomes. Among elite performers[1], DevOps can result in:


times more frequent code deployments


times faster lead time


times faster incident recovery time


times lower change failure rate