Cloud Infrastructure Audit

The goal of the technical audit is to analyze the current environment architecture, obtain data on system performance using load testing of systems, and develop proposals for improving the system architecture, namely: performance, security, integrity, and fault tolerance

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We split the audit into two main streams: Architectural analysis and Development and execution of performance tests.

The architectural analysis identifies and highlights all security and performance weaknesses or critical issues in your infrastructure. The review’s outcome is a set of actions that should improve your cloud environment’s performance, security, integrity, and fault tolerance. 

Performance testing involves evaluating the organization’s IT systems and infrastructure to assess its ability to meet expected performance, scalability, and reliability levels. This includes testing system response times, transaction throughput, network latency, and other performance metrics to identify any bottlenecks, capacity limitations, or other issues that may impact system performance.

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Initial analysis
  • Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost, Sustainability analysis
  • Find bottlenecks in the code
  • Analyse the system behaviour under load
  • Determine the maximum number of concurrent users
  • Long-running stress test
  • Single function stress test

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  • Optimization of throughput of individual services and components
  • On-demand utilization of additional resources to provide enhanced processing capacity when requests loads grow (scale up)
  • Release of resources when request loads reduce (scale down)
  • Scalability performance measured for cost-optimization

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Cloud infrastructure cost optimisation
  • Infrastructure configuration models development and testing
  • Comparative analysis of the cost and performance of the infrastructure architecture options
  • Testing new ideas, technologies, services using performance-cost metrics

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