Managed Testing Services

Develop and test high-quality applications cost-effectively.
Remove large testing overheads and optimize day-to-day testing activities without losing overall project control.

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We consider product quality assurance as one of the core business processes. Our approaches to testing, which we implement for our customers, allow us to accumulate product testing results at all stages, regardless of how (manual or automated testing) and by which team (onshore, offshore) the testing was performed.

The availability of up-to-date information about the quality of the current version of the product and existing defects gives C-level executives the opportunity to make informed decisions and conduct due diligence analysis.

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Performance testing

Performance testing allows us to predict and monitor the system load in order to optimize infrastructure and development requirements. Our service seamlessly integrates performance testing into your existing testing processes.

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Validating Big data workflows

Tenendo helps to build a cost-effective and scalable Big Data validation strategy and implement it in your project.

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Automated Testing setup in the project

We speed up the development of automatic tests by changing the approach to writing them. Often, a fresh look at the test code and experience in many projects can speed up the development and support of tests several times.

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Functional testing

Managed Functional testing is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing process to develop and test high-quality applications cost-effectively, removing large testing overheads, and optimizing day-to-day testing activities without losing overall project control.

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