About Tenendo

We value people and help them develop

Founded in 2020, Tenendo specializes in cybersecurity services, combining expertise in test consultancy, managed testing services, and security audits. We provide comprehensive software security and quality solutions tailored to a wide range of organizations.


Our workplace culture is defined by the expertise of our employees, a calm and measured environment, the automation of routine tasks, and clear management. These key features ensure that we provide exceptional service while fostering a supportive and efficient work atmosphere.

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Tenendo experts primarily work remotely, but if on-site work is needed, we will gladly send a specialist to your office.

Through daily close communication with your team, our expert will consult on cybersecurity issues, identify gaps in your software or infrastructure protection, and conduct educational training and workshops.

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Tenendo is excited to explore partnership opportunities.

If our services can help you expand your offerings, if you need on-demand specialists, or if you can introduce us to new markets, we would be delighted to establish a partnership agreement with you.

About Partnership

Tenendo — ISO 27001:2022 certified company

ISO 27001 certification showcases our firm commitment to information security, reflecting a robust management system. Meeting its stringent standards assures partners that we prioritize safeguarding their sensitive data. Our proactive approach involves comprehensive risk management and continuous improvement. This certification signifies not just compliance but a dedication to staying ahead of evolving digital threats.

By aligning with ISO 27001, we offer partners a solid foundation for collaboration, building enduring relationships based on trust and reliability.

Certificate #IE-ISMS-060324-1