Penetration testing

Tenendo is capable of emulating a real-world attack and can do that without any additional information about the infrastructure. Our in-house developed tools and payloads improve the chances of a successful breach and can provide the Client valuable experience in opposing a sophisticated threat actor.

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Web/mobile application, API penetration testing

focuses on finding security vulnerabilities in a target application environment that could let an attacker obtain unauthorized access to the application or exploit its functionality to gain access to sensitive information, underlying OS, or conduct unauthorized actions (i.e., transactions in a banking application).

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Infrastructure penetration testing

focuses on the security of both the application environment and the supporting infrastructure, including third-party services and applications. The testing is performed with manual and automated techniques tailored to the specific environment.

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Adversary simulation (“Red Teaming”)

assessments are scenario-based penetration tests that focus more on achieving specific goals in the infrastructure as opposed to discovering all potential vulnerabilities.

During the test, a complete path is developed either from the outside networks or from initial employee-level access with no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to the internal protected segments and hosts of the network. The goal of the assessment may vary from compromising target hosts and services to sensitive data exfiltration.

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Social engineering assessments

Social engineering is an attack that requires human interaction, persuading employees of the target company to act, such as opening a malicious document or providing authentication credentials. While the social engineering delivery method is usually assumed to be email, many other channels, such as SMS messages, calls, or social media, may be used in the assessment. During the test, spear-phishing attacks are preferred, where a user’s personal information and position in the company are used to enhance a pretexting scenario, improving the success rate.

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