Services Delivery

Our experience in testing and security processes, established delivery teams with highly skilled staff and expertise in security provide a great value to our customers.

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How We Deliver Projects

We streamline project delivery with a structured, efficient process. All documents are digitally signed for convenience and security. Our planned process includes regular notifications to keep you informed. We kick off projects by gathering necessary credentials, ensuring a smooth start. Post-project, we offer free-of-charge retesting to guarantee satisfaction and quality.

This approach ensures a transparent and effective delivery, meeting all your project needs seamlessly.

Predefined engagement steps


Fill Out the Questionnaire

Provide detailed information about your project needs and objectives.


Sign an NDA

Ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive information.


Book a Technical Session

Schedule a session with our experts to discuss technical requirements and project scope.


Get a Commercial Offer

Receive a detailed proposal with cost estimates and timelines.


Start a Project

Begin the project with a dedicated team following the agreed plan.


Project Results Presentation

Review the final deliverables and discuss the outcomes and next steps.