Case study: Testing Management

In a management assessment the emphasis is mainly on leadership qualities. In this assessment the focus was on issues like independence, delegating and communication.

Client background

The customer is a non-profit membership organization governed by the oil operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The customer’s main objective is to facilitate the best possible flow of information between operators, partners, authorities, and other stakeholders.

The project is a large-scale internal web application that was built to solve the following problems:

  • Collection of information on suppliers of products. Information was collected from open sources in the form of reviews and ratings of existing suppliers.
  • Audit of suppliers. An audit schedule was created. Auditors assessed the availability of necessary documents, licenses, and claims.

Industry: Oil & Energy, Company size: 11-50 employees

Project duration: 9 months


  • The project is unfinished without a proper budget for change and improvement.
  • Customer confidence in project management has been lost.
  • There is no test planning in the project.
  • The testing team suffers from overtime work before each release.
  • Established conflicts between the PM and the testing team.
  • The test manager recently decided to leave the project.
  • The test manager hiring process is dragged out, taking over two months.


  • From the very beginning, our consultants were able to overcome communication problems:
    • We established trust between the PM and the consulting team
    • We got the freedom to choose a test team management methodology
    • We got support from developers and DevOps teams
    • We established communication both to the Customer and the development teams
  • The consulting team was able to introduce improvements in the early stages of involvement. We were able to outright:
    • Clarify development and test scope for each development iteration
    • Introduce the test plan and acceptance criteria for each iteration
    • Introduced new attributes to Agile development tasks to clarify their delivery status
  • We closely worked with the test team to help them understand their personal professional weaknesses and strengths in order to properly assign testing tasks and responsibilities
  • We created a new testing strategy and formalized testing process definitions.
  • We integrated test environment management into the test strategy and processes.
  • We implemented the new test strategy, which stabilized testing processes in the project while improving project delivery time and quality


  • Customer confidence in project management has been restored
  • Work with customer expectations and simultaneous planning of development and testing led to the timely completion of all stages and the project as a whole
  • The redistribution of roles, setting up new processes and a new approach to testing in the test team allowed us to fulfill necessary leadership roles without hiring people from the outside by improving the expertise of testing engineers

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