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Thinking about a new business strategy? Bringing a software product to market? Make business decisions soundly, invest money with confidence that the investment will pay off.

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Discover the effectiveness and reliability of your IT team’s operations! Ensure the security of your digital assets and maximize the productivity of your IT department with our professional audit.

Our team of experienced IT experts specializes in conducting comprehensive analysis and assessment of IT team activities to provide you with a clear picture of your technology landscape. We will identify the strengths of your team, uncover any weaknesses, and offer recommendations for further improvement.

What we do during Technical audit:

Reliability Assessment: Analysis of infrastructure, data security measures, risk management, and readiness for contingencies.

Productivity Evaluation: Analysis of software development and implementation processes, user support system efficiency, and resource utilization.

Strategic Planning Assessment: Review of IT team goals and strategies, evaluation of planning adequacy and alignment with business needs.

Skills and Talent Assessment: Analysis of team members’ skills and competencies, assessment of training and development needs.

We provide clear and specific audit results that will help you make informed decisions about the future development of your IT team. Book an audit today and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your IT infrastructure and processes!

Technical Audit areas:

Technical strategy

A validation of how well the technical and product strategy is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Platform, architecture, applications

Are products kept up to date and is the underlying architecture scalable and modern?

People and software development lifecycle

How does the current organizational setup support operations and processes?

Tech Financials

Are past and planned tech expenditures aligned with the strategy and investment thesis?

IT Infrastructure

Does the infrastructure in place support current processes as well as future expansions?

IT processes and security

How secure is the target in terms of its capability to withstand an unintentional loss of information?

Tenendo specializes in providing comprehensive technical audit services for product owners and company stakeholders. Our team comprises industry-leading experts with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the following key areas:

  • IT governance, risk, and project management,
  • Software audits,
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment,
  • Performance testing,
  • Software development and Secure SDLC implementation,
  • Cloud infrastructure scalability testing and cost optimization.

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