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Cloud Infrastructure Audit and Performance testing case

The main goal of the Technical Audit from a customer request was to understand if the system is scalable or not and provide guidance for improvements.

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The challenge

  • Conduct an audit of the deployed system.
  • Quantify the system capacity.
  • Develop recommendations for changes in the cloud infrastructure.

The solution

  • AWS Well-Architected framework made it possible to evaluate the application setup by the main pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation, and Sustainability.
  • The framework was used for load testing.
  • Collaboration between performance testers and an AWS Architect made it possible to conduct an audit in a short time.

Tenendo Customer, a startup developing a payment system that allows both classical currencies and cryptocurrency transactions, wanted to ensure their cloud infrastructure was optimized before launching their system to production. They had implemented a cloud infrastructure to support their new system but were unsure if it was optimized for their specific requirements.

That’s when they turned to Tenendo for help. Our team of cloud infrastructure experts conducted a comprehensive audit of their cloud infrastructure, analyzing their design, configuration, and utilization. We identified several performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and scalability issues that could impact their platform’s performance and customer experience.

Based on our audit findings, we provided Customer with a detailed report containing actionable insights and recommendations to improve their cloud infrastructure’s performance, security, and scalability. We also performed realistic user traffic simulations to test their infrastructure’s performance under load, specifically focusing on cryptocurrency transaction processing times.


The Tenendo team divided the work on this project into two streams: The work of an architect and the work of performance testers.

Architectural work: Technical AWS setup review and analysis, scalability analysis and performance model development, attending the Performance test plan preparation, performance test results analysis

Performance/Automated UI testing work: test plan preparation, scenarios preparation, test environment configuration, test data generation, test results analysis, test scenarios source code packaging, testing report.

As a result of the audit, Tenendo specialists developed recommendations for improving the system, assessed the accurate picture of system scalability and its capacity.

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