Bash/zsh scripts. Part 3

Secure secrets management in Docker containers from the offensive point of view. Secrets in bash/zsh scripts. Secrets in logs.

schedule a call

if [[ -v KEY ]]; then
	export KEY="9e61f1c8210c120fcd41343fd2eb8734"

curl -H "Authorization: admin:pass" -H "X-Key: $KEY"

Scripts: threat model

  • external attacker
  • authenticated access to an application
  • RCE in a docker container
  • access to a single server
  • access to a developer’s workstation

Export files

export KEY1=...
export KEY2=...
export TOKEN=...
  • insecure, but still widely used
  • almost the worst case scenario for script secret management

Auditing shell scripts

[!NOTE] Could be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline.

  • custom auditing for shell scripts in general
  • filtering for exportsshpass and other hard-coded secrets
  • regex-based secret detection akin to trufflehog

Scripts: keyctl/pass/gpg

  • decryption of passwords in runtime (with its own disadvantages)
  • secure storage of secrets in kernel memory
APIKEY=$(pass Keys/apikey) ./run
APIKEY=$(< ~/.local/share/apikey) ./run

Scripts: externally audited store

  • auditing and alerts
  • could provide a stable IoC
SECRET=$(vault kv get -field foo secret/mysecret)


$ cat /data/logs/application.log | grep -i token | wc -l

Logging: Docker, scripts and build processes

[!NOTE] An example of this is also shown above.

  • may contain heaps of environment information, leaking secrets in the process
  • also may include a full cmdline of failed commands
docker logs <containerID>

logging: application logs

[!sidenote] Also applies to error handling, although out-of-scope for this training.

  • applications often expose relevant environment details or implementation information in logs
  • implementing logging and implementing logging sync are often done by different people
  • logs are often excluded from the threat model

logging: auditing logs

  • regexes on test environments
  • manual review (if there is some spare time)
  • red team (if they get to them)

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