Git secret leaks

Secure secrets management in git from the offensive point of view. With examples and demo scripts.

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$ git clone git@glab.local:cicd/

git: threat model

  • external attacker
  • authenticated access to an application
  • RCE in a docker container
  • access to a single server
  • access to a developer’s workstation

hardcoded secrets

Not just String pass = "N0OneW1llG3tTh1s";:

  • secrets in automated tests and deployment configuration
  • secrets in sample front-end code
  • hard-coded signatures and HMAC keys
  • testing credentials that “bypass” security checks

.git directories

Access to the private Gitlab is not the only way attackers get git access.

  • exposure of a .git directory on
  • Git repositories used to pull configurations by build agents

.git directories: demo

commits, pulls and branches

  • leaked secrets may persist in commit history
  • do not only scan the main branch
  • do not remove secrets by just committing a new version


  • the standard for automated secret scanning (especially git

trufflehog usage: demo

third-party services + git: real-world example

found on Confluence:

after git clone: