Test Consultancy

If we automate security tooling, we can incorporate it at every stage of the agile cycle, and improve outcomes for both security and the development teams.

Test Project Assessment provides an independent and objective assessment of testing processes,  provides the tools and frameworks to achieve a higher level of test maturity, accelerating the journey towards streamlined processes and efficiencies.

In the modern world of Agile development, not only the speed on new features development is of great importance, but also the speed of functionality delivery to the customer. And in order for the customer to receive new functionality, the tested ones require the joint efforts of developers, DevOps & testers. We help to organize and coordinate CI/CD processes in the project, find and eliminate pitfalls, and significantly accelerate delivery.

Test Data and Test Environment Management service enable organizations to speed up their software release schedules by up to 25%, cut infrastructure costs by 5-10% and increase team productivity by up to 30%.