Penetration testing

What problem does Tenendo help to solve?

Mitigating information security risks by providing organizations with on-demand independent security testing and accurate threat actor simulations.

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  • Cybersecurity risks for medium-sized and large companies are ever-increasing due to ransomware or data-stealing attacks becoming more frequent and more profitable
  • In order to meet modern product quality standards, government and industry regulations, extensive and regular security testing should be performed
  • Adversary simulations and red teaming engagements are becoming more effective at helping prevent security threats, due to difference in approaches penetration testers and red team operators use
  • Tenendo offers a wide range of penetration testing services and favours attack simulation over vulnerability assessment, covering more of the cybersecurity attack surface and providing valuable insight in defence against tactics, techniques and procedures real attackers use
  • Tenendo’s proficiency in internal software development and testing allows for seamless integration of security testing into existing development and QA, deployment, maintenance, access control and management processes
  • Tenendo uses established teams of experienced security professionals working together with security analysts and compliance consultants to reliably deliver results, provide valuable recommendations for improvement, and ensure no business interruption or downtime during testing
  • Tenendo conducts penetration testing in ways compliant to wide-spread security standards (e.g. PCI DSS, PA-DSS or SSF), and can tailor the penetration testing process to cover the specific requirements of the Customer

Value Proposition:

  • The results of the penetration testing include real attack scenarios, detailed recommendations, and mitigation instructions
  • Reducing high-severity vulnerabilities’ exposure by up to 97%
  • Effective recommendations and mitigation of technical and business risks due to employing both penetration testers, compliance, and security consultants
  • Reducing the cost of security testing, audit and consulting by up to 30%


  • Independent security testing conducted by established teams of experienced professionals
  • 34% of cyberattacks are perpetrated by insiders, rendering Tenendo’s approach to testing more effective against real attacks
  • Tenendo’s services seamlessly integrate into existing software development and infrastructure management processes, allowing integration of security testing and consultancy at earlier development stages
  • Tenendo employs security analysts and consultants, allowing for additional insight when developing recommendations after the test
  • Reduced cost in security audit and consulting due to being able to provide all three, allowing the penetration testing team to provide additional information to auditors and consultants


  • Penetration Testing
    • External black-box penetration testing
    • Internal infrastructure penetration testing
    • Web, mobile or API penetration testing
    • Segmentation and network security testing
    • Wireless network security testing
  • Managed Security Scanning
  • Red Team Ops and Adversary simulation
    • Social Engineering attack simulation
    • Red Team engagements
    • Internal adversary simulation (assumed breach)
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